Services and Costs

Landscape Custom Design Services:
     - Trees provide vertical lines and "ceilings" for the outdoor space, shade and the backbone for the landscape. Foliage and stones are the heart and soul of a garden where flowering plants provide dramatic focal points. Well-designed plantings provide structure, texture and color throughout the landscape consistently changing with the seasons to provide beauty all year long. Wildlife including birds, butterflies, and beneficial insects can also be attracted to add a visual and musical play to your garden.
      - Measurements, photos, and a basemap will start off the project to map the existing features to remain.
      - A scale drawing will allow you to feel and visualize the flow of the yard and how you are going to live within it.
      - Landscape designs provide a view of plantings when full grown keeping plantings under control and maintenance low, also reducing yard waste associated with overplanting.
      - Through proper design you can implement environmentally sound water reduction and lower maintenance costs providing $ savings that will be realized annually.
      - From softscape to hardscape with a scale design, you can phase without re-doing or wasting money.
      - Exact measurements provide the ability to calculate exact quantities for pricing and reduce errors and misunderstandings. It provides you the ability to acquire landscape installation costs accurately, installation time frames that are realistic eliminating surprises and a continually smooth implementation of the project.
      - Specialty Design Features: Waterfalls, Bocce Courts, Firepits, Italian-style Grottos, Horseshoe Pits, Children's Play Structure Areas and Sandpits, Raised Planters for Vegetables, Herb Gardens, Gardens for Cut Flower Arrangements, California-Native Plantings, Ornamental Grasses and Rain Gardens, Moon Gardens, Sculptures, Vertical Gardens, Drought-tolerant Gardens, Succulent and Cactus Gardens, Espalier Trees, Feng Shui

Landscape Clean-up and Specialty Pruning:

     - If your landscape has been neglected for a season or for years, we can restore it with specialty pruning.
     - This is not your average hack job.We will make special cuts to reduce size, redirect growth and shape the plant, removing dead, diseased and crossing branches.
     - Winter pruning will rejuvenate and summer pruning will limit the growth for most plants.
     -  Many plants including roses and many fruit trees need to be pruned every year for increased flowering, fruiting and longevity.

    - Id love to maintain your garden seasonally to ensure your plants stay healthy,  properly pruned and irrigated.


   - Landscape Design and Irrigation are billed at $65/hr.

   - Maintenance is billed at $40/hr.

   - I do not do free consultations, but I will come out for up to 3 hours for an onsite consultation for $125.